Freedom is the born right of every human being and the whole human species

The Illuminati always secure humans and work as on the defense of you and human species all around the world. All people are equal in the eye of the Illuminati group. Illuminati always concentrates on human freedom it does not matter where is a human being born, have which religion or whom he/she prays daily. But everyone has a right to freedom and Illuminati protect the rights always.

Freedom can be explained in terms like this freedom from poverty, freedom from oppression, free from hardship, free from the suffering of life, free from rules, free from laws, free from fear and free from hunger. Freedom does not mean that free for murder, free for a steal this only means that freedom that benefits to all human race not just for one selfish person freedom.

To achieve happiness human needs freedom, for prosperity human needs leadership always

This is the most important point behind the group Illuminati or secret society Illuminati. As per the location differences, generation gaps and different age people Illuminati purpose to make humans come together forever.

No one can ever understand how life becomes after coming together in our Illuminati group. No one can imagine the change in their life by joining Illuminati, how free they become. The simple way to understand this just open your mind and see the changes with us.

Illuminati never forces you and tell you to go to this path like a slave, you are free here fully choose your own path always. Now the quality of life is truly important that is why we have launched symbols of life to follow to increase the quality of life always.

Our Core Beliefs

The Pyramid

People say the evil comes because of money, but it’s not necessary that money becomes the reason for evil, see it positively money is a way to be free. Without any selfish desire, money can help in the creation of humanity greatest desire always.

The eye

Human ability can never be matched in terms of ability and skills as per the continuous advance in skills time to time with practice and self-improvement. The elite illuminati members keep an eye or guard the human species of all its members always and forever.

The Light

Every human always guided by some inner light or power that guided the way towards The Light and also while taking decisions. Every human must follow this light, this the way to meet the true perspective of life this is the true purpose of the Illuminati.

The Eternal Circle

Every person is a part of an eternal circle,  like gears in clocks that have no end. That no one realizes as every action have an impact on personal life also impacted on other person’s life. Means every person have the power to change the world through his/her actions.

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