Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil,
Money Is The Route To All Freedom

In Illuminati it is believed that money is not evil, must need money to get free in this world. Some believe this view of Illuminati is total a selfishness, not a true believer but this is never the case here.

In terms of illumination, wealth is never meant the term used for selfishness but it is a tool that used to help human or resolve people problems, used to fulfill each other’s duty and needs for all humans.

Selfish desire for money is a hollow goal, but to use money for the goodness of humanity and its greater responsibilities

It’s like that the more money a person owns, they more ability he has to change the other people’s lives who are in need. Let’s take an example if you are a good-hearted person and you have no money, if anything bad happened in your family or friends life you still be a good person but you have no ability to help your family or friends in that situation. Now change this situation if you are rich and the same bad things happen in your friends or family life you have the ability to support them properly when they needed.

Money is not alive so have no feelings, no emotions and no good or bad nature, its use depends on the person’s nature who owned it

Its nothing to be born poor must have a good heart always. A poor person can save one life, but a rich person can build a hospital and save thousands of lives and also help the needed person in money, can change many lives. As per the poor person life, there be less time for others, a poor person has his/her own life problems that he/she is facing and dealing. But in the case of a rich person, he/she has time and can save many people life.

Money is just a paper and numbers only, those who have less money can still help the people by doing various work towards humanity. Positive actions and help the needy in terms of the need always make them superior to others.

Greater the personal fortune have greater the responsibility for a fellow human. Always keep this in mind and live life purposefully all the time by a human.

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