The main purpose of the Illuminati is to secure all the human species with human survival,

Like any other species, human’s are also on their extinction. As per the human actions people used to get angry and be on war, on small things. These actions lead to humanity on extinction, the Illuminati have a role to play here to secure all the human race and special with every human survival.

In Illuminati words or terms, every human is important, survival till the end. Also, every human is equal and very important like kings and queens there be no differences here. Come to the light Join Illuminati and live the life purposefully.

As per human nature, every human affected by instinct, emotions, and imbalance.

To follow this human can turn own species anytime with any selfish reason, also can turn its own family, friends, and colleagues also. Human nature effected by the instincts and emotions all the time but the survival of every human is very important.

Now on this, the Illuminati group have many programs on different locations and members visits to meet the people and resolve their problems. Purpose to combine all humans and provide them the light to make every human survival till the end of life.

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