Every human is one part of a larger,
eternal design – individual gears
in a clock that has no end.

Every human actions have the power to change future of the world

Some people do not understand this, but this is true your actions are as important as the kings or queens actions, you are no different from others. But you do not realize this and also not want to understand this as your actions have an impact on this world also and you can change the future of the world. It does not matter that you are wealthy or not, have power or not your actions matters very well. Every human is connected with each other in this entire world, as your actions give benefits to others or become worse for others it’s the matter of actions you do.

This world comes in existence before you, and still continuously runs after your, but your decisions can make changes in this world

You got the name and existence after your father same as the king get his throne after his father, this is the way of life. Same as the actions you are doing now could affect your children’s or your grand children’s also.  If your actions work accordingly then you can change an entire future of your generation forever this is the way of life. All the legends come in existence have a large impact on people’s life this works for you also same as it.

Sometimes you never understand the values of your actions, the result of the dedication towards humanity impacts on people’s life

As you climb the success stairs and comes on to its top to see the light but also when you look down you see that you are still a part of this integral society. Same like this even the human race or human life fade through time but the Illuminati still stands tall all the time.

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